…a silvery soprano.”

—Washington DC’s Hill Rag

Sponaugle’s gorgeous round soprano tone shone during her performance.”

—The Eagle

Harlie Sponaugle as the faithful girlfriend was first-rate, as she also was in her solo soprano parts in the folk songs at the start of the evening.”

—The Washington Post

Harlie Sponaugle shows off a nice voice and perfect comic timing.”

—The Washington Blade

 Audience members and colleagues say:

“We’ve had many great performances in our series, but I know many people felt as I did that you and Warren transported everyone in the audience to the world of that character so fully and so simply with your skill and honesty. We were blown away. It confirmed and healed a lot of experiences I had, and I think many had in the room, and I am so glad it received the reception it received.”

—Steven Mazzola, Shakespeare Theatre

“Please accept my personal thanks.  I have the sense that you know and felt how wonderful your piece went on Sunday night.  I don’t know about you, but that internal sense when a performance goes right is incredibly gratifying to me, feels so good, and I thought that must be how you must feel.  I was fused with you, and felt like the whole crowd was fused with you, the whole time. Perfect, every moment.  All the way to the last lines – never better:  just wonderful.

Magus Magnus, Author and Director, Idylls for a Bare Stage


“Harlie makes interesting and intelligent choices when performing my music. She works on new music with grace and guts, developing the sense of the material along with meeting its vocal demands. Her voice and personality in performance are warm and charming. She has an unexpected gift for comic timing as well as sharing deeper emotions with audiences.”

—Scott Upright, Composer

“Ms. Sponaugle’s voice is warm, powerful, sweet, compelling, and full of emotion. Her beautiful voice is complemented by her skill as an actress, allowing her to paint pictures and tell stories through her music.”

—Local Critic

“I have never heard you sound better. All of your heart was in your voice.”

Audience Member

“Ms. Sponaugle displays a seamless vocal production with an even line from top to bottom and a legato that is limpid and sumptuous. Her voice is one of considerable heft and lyric beauty, with a lower register that is bright and clear and a top that is warm and full. If I had to compare her voice to an instrument, I’d say she’s a Steinway.”

Michael Patterson, Conductor